The rules for Yum Chat:

By entering this chat you are stipulating that you have read these few rules at least once and agreeing to abide by them while in the chat. The sysops and ops will be enforcing these rules and ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

1.  This chat is for vores and vore role-playing (RP). When entering it is assumed that you are into the vore fetish and interested in RP. This does not mean that you must be a vore or that you must always RP vore to come into the chat, and certainly no one should be compelled to do a scene when not in the mood, but it does mean that you understand the purpose of the room and respect it. If you're curious, just lurk for a while and see if the chat is right for you. If it is and you'd like to take a more active role, then by all means come in and play, but if this is simply not something you're into or interested in observing at all, then you should find another chat more suited to your interests. Do NOT try to come in and change the topic of the chat to suit your personal preferences.

2.  This is an adult chat room. This means that there will often be content that some may find offensive. The diverse flavors of vore (hard vs soft, human vs furry, male vs female, etc.) will often find RP scenes that conflict with your own preferences or tolerances. Entering the chat rooms means that you understand this potential situation and agree that reacting to them will be handled in a mature and respectful manner. Also, being an adult chat means that due to legalities, no minors are permitted to enter the room at any time as many of the RPs may contain sexual material and other adult content. If you are underage or the local laws of your city, state, or country forbid you from viewing adult content for any reason you are not permitted to enter. Any minors found to enter the chat room will be asked to leave until they are of legal age and possibly banned until such time if necessary. That's simply the law of the land.

3.  Note about characters under legal age. All characters created that are specified as being under 18 years of age must have an out-of-character (OOC) disclaimer in their description stating clearly that the player is not a minor. Any character that does not meet this requirement will be deleted without warning and any player who continuously breaks this rule may be banned as well. This is a serious requirement and there will be no exceptions made. Not only does this OOC statement commit you further as assuring us that you are actually an adult, but it also makes sure that everything related to minors in the chat database is accompanied by a clear, associated disclaimer that this is ficitious data for the purpose of fantasy RPing, and that no actual minors are involved.

4.  No harassment or OOC fighting of any kind is permitted. In-character (IC) taunting between predator and prey that's all in good fun as part of an RP is just fine, but player to player attacks are never allowed. There will be differences of opinions and as long as they are kept civil and do not interrupt RPs in the chat, you may be permitted to discuss them. But flames and heated arguments that disrupt the RP atmosphere will not be tolerated. If one player harasses another and the second player does not respond, the offending player will be warned then ejected from the chat alone for a time fitting the extent of the harassment. If two or more players get into an argument that disrupts the chat they will be warned to stop or take it elsewhere, then any players that continue the fight will be ejected for a short "cooling off" period.

5.  Respect the RPs of others. This does not mean that you have to stop everything the instant an RP starts. Often we can have several RPs going at once if the rhythms are achieved and a few courtesies are observed by all players. What it does mean is that when a vore RP is going, the OOC comments should be kept to a minimum or simply added on at the end of a post, and it may be a good idea to wait a few minutes and let the next person post before sending your own post. This helps get a steady rhythm and keeps the posts of one set of players from being scrolled off by those of another. Also try as best you can to keep PMs to a minimum as well when an RP is going on, as these can eventually eat into the main chat buffer, and use instant messengers where possible; in particular, it is not allowed to role-play in PMs. Another part of this is that sometimes it's best to just wait and watch a good RP for a while and let others have the floor. If we all do this, it makes the chat much more agreeable to just about everyone. Mistakes will be made, and that's understandable. However, anyone showing blatant disrespect to others' RPs will be warned and possibly ejected from the chat for a time to allow said RP to finish in peace. Basically it's about applying a little common sense and courtesy to your fellow chatters. You should also take a look at the chatroom etiquette which will give you a good idea of what is considered as a fair role playing on Yum-Chat. We have also just added in the RPing Guidelines as written by Mouse. Anyone interested in understanding some basic RP principles should take a couple of minutes to read this document.

6.  Use the OOC Chatroom for OOC Conversations. The use of OOC ((What you generally see between symbols such as double-parenthesis as shown here)) is common within many RP chat rooms, but it is often disruptive to those trying to or wishing to RP. People are often reluctant to start an RP if a lot of non-RP chatter is going on.
To clarify what is and is not allowed in Yum Chat, please note the following:
- Greetings of hello or goodbye are allowed and often encouraged, as a way of making other members feel more welcome. However, please keep such posts to a minimum, especially when an RP is taking place.
- RPs that take place in an OOC context are also okay, they are still RPs and this often allows characters that are tied up in an ongoing storyline to RP with someone else when that storyline is not currently active.
- Conversations that have nothing to do with vore or RPing, are 'not' allowed. An occassional OOC comment that is not vore or RP related is okay, but when such comments then develop into conversations, they need to be moved to the OOC room. Non-vore, non-RP OOC conversations discourage people from RPing and there is no reason they cannot be conducted within the OOC room.

7.  Listen to the Ops. I'm sure some people are groaning at this, but it's a point that has to be made. When the ops ask you to refrain from a certain action or try to let you know about a problem, listen to them because about 99.9% of the time they have a good reason for what they're telling you. They know how the chat works in many ways and they know about a lot of past issues that we simply don't have the room to list here. They're also there to help you so if you have a problem with someone, tell them and let them handle it; if no op is available while the problem happens, please send an email to, which will direct your email to all Yum-Chat ops. Also if you really have a problem with something an op has told you or asked of you, do not argue with them in the chat or try to disrupt the action of the chat just to make a "statement" about your views. This kind of grandstanding behavior will not be tolerated and will only get you ejected from the chat. If you feel an op has been wrong, leave it be for the time being and contact Mr. Yum or Rodent (at with a description of the occurrence and the time and date it occurred in the chat.

8.  On the use of PMs. Everyone enjoys having the ability to chat with someone privately and the PM system within Yum Chat makes that possible without having to install an IM system or give out such information to people you may not know yet. However, Yum Chat is an older chat room, written back in 2000, and has limited resources for the total number of posts it can display at one time. The more PMs people send, the less actual messages can be displayed. Because of this, it is requested that you keep PMs limited to brief discussions to pass information back and forth to one another, and not for full-length discussions or RPs. The length of the PM messages are restricted here in order to discourage over-use of the PM system. If you really wish to talk to someone via PM, I ask that you use the OOC Chat Room instead (This link also appears right at the top of the Chat Room, for easy access and allows for longer PM messages). Messages lost because they are pushed off the chat are less critical in the OOC room, than in the actual RP room, where excessive PMs can prematurely push RP posts off the screen.

9.  Ignore Spammers. When a spammer hits the chat room, do not post any comments of annoyance or insults towards the spammer. This is the type of reaction that spammers thrive on and one reason they enjoy coming back. Leave it to the Ops to deal with the spammer and when the spammer is gone, just go on back to your RPs. As tempting as it is to express your annoyance towards a spammer, making such comments offers nothing beneficial to the chat room and only encourages others to make similar comments, resulting in a page full of negative comments, rather than RPing.

10.  Have fun. That's what these few rules are all about. They're about making sure that everyone who comes into the chat can have a good time. All it really takes is being respectful of the others in the room.

Notes about privacy and logging:

1.  Yum-Chat is never a secure medium of communication. "Private messages" (PMs) are there to communicate small chunks of info (e.g. RP preferences, permissions for scenes, messenger contact info, etc.) without disturbing the main chat. These PMs can be viewed by the ops and sysops and are logged for their viewing in the event that an incident needs to be resolved. In most cases, ops do not view PMs, but will if trouble of any kind starts, they will see them.

2.  Privacy is extremely important to us. It is forbidden of the Ops to publish any private or personal information that was revealed within PMs. If this happens, please contact Rodent immediately with information on this having happened.

3.  Any public posts made in this chat room become the property of the room and its owner(s), and may be posted outside the room at the discretion of the owner(s).

The Yum Chat Ops:

When contacting any of the Ops about any problems, it is suggested that you try to be as descriptive, yet unbiased, as possible with what had happened. Also, include the date as well as the time as displayed in Yum Chat, so that the log files can be referenced to determine the severity of the incident.

Before contacting the Ops in regards to the general usage of the Chat room and it's features, please consult with the following Help and FAQ links first: Yum Chat Help Page and Chat room FAQ

Also, if you have any questions about how to use HTML code within your character descriptions to spice them up, you should check out the HTML Tutorial that was painstakingly put together by our very own Smokescale. Be sure to thank him with a nice meal if you happen to see him in the chat.

If there are no Ops online within the chat room and you do not have any way of contacting one directly (such as personal email or Instant Messaging programs), you can post a message to the Yum Chat forum or if you wish the message to be private, send an email to

The following users are the currently existing Ops within Yum Chat. This list includes the names of the player's Opped characters only. Some may have additional characters who are not Opped, but those individual nicks are not being listed here.

  1. Avicus (Slick, Aphrodite, Kyra)
  2. Demius
  3. Frungi
  4. Paige (Kailia, Rowena de Lys)
  5. Prosethius (Graywolf, Ryder, Zykilius)
  6. Scout (Lilly)
  7. Sharky (Speedy)
  8. Tiddles
  9. Vox

The Yum Chat Administrators are:

  1. Mr. Yum
  2. Rodent

Optional Links:

- The OOC Chat room, used for non-RP chatting with other voraphiles in the community.
- Optional, Vertical Split-Screen and Horizontal Split-Screen link pages for the chat rooms. This allows you to visit 2 rooms from the same browser page.
- For the really ambitions, a Quad-View Screen was added, though it may require you to adjust your browser font size to make them useful.
- Or, if you only wish to use the chat room selector screen.

- Some userful documents for those new to RPing:
- Chatroom Etiquette
- RPing Guidelines

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