A fragrant breeze exhales softly from the shadowy, maw-like tunnel of trees and brush that fold around the passage before you; it's caressing touch beckoning you towards the unknown as it is drawn back inwards. An eerie silence, unnatural to any forest you have ever known, seems to hang from the very air, coiling around you and keeping you from crying out. Behind you, the trail has vanished, a tunnel of vegetation sealing the way back as it pulsates in rhythm to the forest's ever-reversing breath. Closer and closer, the enclosing foliage advances, driving you ever deeper. The air begins to swelter, clinging to your very flesh as you peel away the layers of clothing one by one. Faster and faster you are guided forward, until diving through a tight opening, sprawling forth into a vast clearing. Slowly, you push yourself up from the soft, moist earth and glance around. A million, unseen, hungry eyes seem to gaze back, sizing you up for their own intent. It is then that you realize you may not make it out of here alive...

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