Shin Kitsune

About me :3
Shin is a three-tailed kitsune, who may shapeshift at will to other forms than a fox. As a fox he can change between anthro and feral, and recently he's got a tauric form as well. The fox's age may vary, he can be seen either as an adult fox, or more often as a little, cute, yet still edible cub. (If you don't like cubs, ask me to play in my grown-up self :3). He can also shrink down to a mouse sized, or for macro preds, he can grow up to a couple feet tall, even tho he never uses this, unless some macro pred wants a more filling meal. :3
Shin is quite a preyish, submissive and curious fox. He is also a very shy one, yet he is usually friendly to everyone. ^^ He usually enjoys spending some time inside someone else, either feeding them or *blushes* filling somewhere else... The little fox can digest, and being a kitsune, expect him to be around again soon. He seems to taste different for every pred, although all agree his flavor is usually a sweet one. :3
One sure way to lure the fox and convince him to feed you is with a good snuggle, for that is one of his weaknesses. :3
Shin loves big, pudgy bellies too, and he might approach you to give your tummy the proper attention, maybe even helping keep it nice and pudgy. *blushes deeply*
Shin is always around Frungi when he's on as well. Expect the chance of one of us joining the other's scene. :3

Like mentioned, Shin is a three-tailed fox. His fur is usually red, except from his chin to his belly, which is a creamy color. His eartips are black, and his tail is bushy, with a creamy tip with a black ring each. Most of his other forms maintain these colors, except for the skunk, which is the common black/white mix.
As a feral or taur Shin is always naked. As anthro he might be naked as well, unless he prefers to carry a little cover. As an adult he might wear a pair of black leather shorts or a loincloth. As a cub he prefers said loincloth, or a strawberry-scented/flavored diaper, a backpack carrying a couple items, as well as a yellow cap. (Although it is what he wears mostly, the diaper can be avoided if you don't like that kind of stuff. Shin prefers to keep his diaper clean, so don't expect any scat play. Another why is cause I'm not a pred, and I don't really enjoy scat. ^^). Adult form appears to be about 21 years old, while the cub is about 1 to 8 years old. Regardless, each tail represents about 100 years.
Other forms Shin can take are: a skunk, fennec, roo, husky, bunny, mouse, wolf, hyena, and even a dragon.
Recently thanks to Kelvren, the fox has got two nice black wings. :3

Cub fox form. This is what he usually looks like:

Cub Pony (foal) form:

Cub Yoshi form:

All pictures were actually drawn for me.
(More pictures coming soon........hopefully......[including adult forms])

Other forms include an Eastern water dragon, and a purple fire Dragon.

The little fox usually carries these things with him: