Mo Monkey

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~From the maker of May~
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Light Brown
Clothing Style:Chinese dresses, usually red and black.
Personality: Goofy, silly, fun and caring.
Eaten By: Agni, Tigerlover,
100% Prey!
Age: 26
Favorite Color:Brown&Yellow!
Favorite Food: Banana's! Do you really even have to ask?
Likes:Friendly, shy creatures, or hyper one's like herself, she likes pretty much anyone because she finds it hard to hate anyone, no matter what they did to her! Banana's. Swinging on vines.
Dislikes:Nothing she can think of at the moment.
Friends:Max Vent, Dozer, Sadie
Family: Sadie -Daughter Mew -Daughter.
Is a pet to:
Will NOT do this vore: Scat, soul.
Loves this vore!: Unbirth, Cock, Anal, Breast, Oral, Hard, Soft.
Breast size: Double D's
Height:Medium, all I'm going to say :P
Weight:*Throws banana at you!* >:O
Saying(s): "No use crying over peeled banana's!"
Sexuality: Bisexual
Mo is just your average Monkey furry...Oh wait you've never seen a monkey furry before? Well let me tell you something, mo is something else! She is extremely hyper, making her lot's of fun!
She came to this swamp lost, she swung on the wrong vines and ended up here. Mo decided that instead of trying to find her way back, to just make her home here.

Go ahead, And you can also rape her, though she won't just take it, you might have to tie her down...*Hint hint!*
Mo is strong but not strong enough to actually stop anyone from eating or having their way with her if they are really set on it. She will try to punch and kick you, beg and do pretty much anything in order to save her life or her innocence...
Do not misjudge Mo either, she is very smart and will catch on fast!

~Is of age!~


Mo's new look! That's right. She cut. Her. Hair!

Mo's new look is her way of inspiring herself to become a whole new person! She hopes that this new look may help anyways...Along with cutting her hair, she's developed a new clothing style! Short-sleeved shirts and shorts!